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Enlighten Your Workforce With Leadership Development Training...
...Turning Managers Into Proficient Leaders Of Tomorrow
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Provide Win-Win Situations For The Mutual Benefit Of Employees...
...And The Organisation

Orion Consultancy

Welcome to Orion Consultancy, a leading expert in CoRE Leadership Skills Training and Business Consultancy, based in Exmouth, Devon, UK.

Here at Orion Consultancy, we work with a wide-range of managers and industry professionals, transforming them into proficient leaders of their field. Our close working relationships with our customers enables us to develop the skills required to motivate workforces and improve team commitment, increasing both employee morale and business production.

Developing Relationships To Improve Business

Today’s modern world of business is fast moving and as managers, we are continuously under pressure to maximise our business exposure and market ourselves wherever possible. We are taught from the outset to make sure that our business is sustainable whilst always being one step ahead of our competitors.

During this process, one thing most managers overlook is that having a complete edge over the competition doesn’t just come from the products and services that we sell, but our employees also contribute to the success of our business operation.

It is vital that an organisation keeps their workforce motivated at all times. Employees that are not happy in their job puts the business at risk; staff productivity decreases and in worse case scenarios staff can easily have the opportunity to switch to a different job that they find more rewarding.

Having a fluid workforce makes it so important to keep the barriers of communication open and to motivate them to be the best they can be. If this can be successfully achieved, it is a guaranteed way of improving our business, both in its day-to-day operation and its profitability.

Turning Managers Into Leaders

A manager who has the skills to be able to develop positive relationships with their employees, is becoming increasingly more important for a business.

Managers play a huge role in the motivation, productivity and empowerment of staff teams and it is their responsibility to lead them forward in their careers within the company.

This is where Orion Consultancy can help. We turn managers into leaders, helping them to harness the skills, dedication and creativity to turn their own workforce into industry leaders of the future.

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Why Orion Consultancy?

We provide imaginative, challenging and interactive experiences to embed the CoRE Leadership Skills required to help maintain a highly motivated, innovative and committed workforce. We achieve this by providing a long lasting, productive relationship, rather than using an ever-increasing financial reward.

Research tells us that money is not a motivator of human beings, but more on their experiences and enjoyment of life. Here at Orion, we believe this exact philosophy and promote this in everything we do. We ensure that our training is tailor made to each organisation by being adaptable, allowing for the scenarios, feedback and exercises to match the individual requirements.

To find out more information on our services and how we can help motivate your team, please browse through our website and get in contact with us today.